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Ideas, Fully Baked or Half Done, Have Their Own Website

So do you think it would be a good idea to have scrolling electric signs - Times Square-like - mounted in car windows so a driver could comment on another driver’s performance? Something like: “Thanks for moving over” or “You drive like my Aunt Nellie”? 

Well, I don’t either. (Who’s minding the wheel while you type in your busybody messages?)

So what about pellet guns that can splotch another car with color (different hues for different transgressions) thus announcing to the driving world what sort of road action to expect from the piebald car.

How about having a central site where you can report faults you noticed on other cars (such as a failed tail light) so that the word would be passed on to the owner?

Or how about a way to magnify inside your car the sounds of nearby sirens so you can turn down your CD and notice the ambulance on your flank. Or what about fines for traffic violations that reflect the wealth of the violator instead of one amount fits all?  (They do that now in some countries.)

Would you call these ideas totally off the wall or do some hold promise? Or in the terms used by an idea exchange on the Internet are they “half-baked” or “baked?”

The web site is It is a loose forum for folk who probably have spent too much time battered by tough traffic. They have bent their creativity (some more obviously bent than others) to dreaming up remedies for whatever nuisances they encounter in their driving environment or their vehicle.

Ideas are posted. Registered site visitors can vote for or against the ideas. Ideas that receive a balance of favorable votes earn the tiny icon of a croissant (or segment thereof.) Ideas that are viewed unfavorably get a fish skeleton.

Site visitors who just want to read the ideas — and follow the string of comments about them — can do that, too.
Some suggestions invent the already invented; some would be hideously expensive; some are illegal; some are simply silly, and a few — with development — might actually end up in a car parts catalog. (Maybe that box of tissues shaped to fit in a cup holder, for instance.)

The range of ideas posted shows what bothers drivers — and what they want done about it. The comments the ideas draw can be thoughtful, whimsical, nit-picky or rude.

Forum participants chime in from all over the English-speaking world lending a dimension to the discussions that are enlightening about traffic laws and driving customs elsewhere.

Check out Halfbakery. (Which, incidentally, includes more subjects than cars: i.e. Fashion, Food, Business, Health, Computers etc.)  Post your own ideas. You can use a pseudonym.


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