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SO, here I go ...

I always have opinions, sometimes even insights. I find as the train picks up speed and the ties click by ever faster that more and more opinions keep elbowing their way into my ken. My once-a-month 500-600 word column in AutoWeek (a.k.a. A/W) isn’t space enough to express them. And thoughts, like a cutting bed of flowers, respond best to being clipped, bundled and shared.
Anyway I certainly hope so because my intention is to keep all the odd vases of this website filled with whatever I clip from that garden. End of metaphor. No wait – one more: likely some will be weeds but you are all capable of forgiving and coming back again armed with hope.
And some of my McBlogs I hope will contain some insights that will set heads nodding and replies clicking. That’s what keeps the word processor processing.
Mostly I’ll write about cars, those I like a lot and a few I can’t understand at all. (There’s a piece here about some cars I’ve driven lately – brief notes on brief encounters. Those quick takes will sometimes be followed up with more extended impressions. And impressions will be what they are. “New car reviews” with details of 0-60 and gear ratios and others technical matters are plentiful on the Internet. I have written some myself. And they’re easy to find. What you’ll find here is something not widely available—my personal take on what it’s like to drive these cars, which ones speak to me and which one’s put a question mark  in the balloon over my head. Not everyone gives a rodent’s posterior about “my take.” Nor do I expect them to put on their favorites list. But you? I’d be right pleased if you did.   

I’ll also write about the old days, sometimes referred to as the Golden Years, but everyone thinks their old days were the golden ones. The difference is the ‘50s and ‘60s were really as gold as gold gets. So I’ll try to bring that era alive to those unlucky enough to have missed it. (Or those who didn’t notice the gleam when they were living through them.) But I won’t ignore what’s happening now. Hardly. Because, oh wow, is it happening in the car world. More variety. More choices. More or more.
I will continue to write my column for A/W since that publication and I go back to its founding as Competition Press more than fifty (50!) years ago. And I will do an occasional McBlog for the A/W website (one of the best of the automotive sites on the web, by the way). And also for The Detroit Bureau (because I’ve known Paul Eisenstein a long time and still like him.
Thanks to the power of click-click what I write there can be brought instantly to this very screen, but I hope you’ll hang out there a bit, too.
I’ll also do some pieces, as I have done in the past for Road and Travel Magazine. So I’ll be hard to miss.
Other subjects I’m apt to say something about: jazz, travel, food, design, skiing, epistemology, shoes, dance, racing, chairs, speaking voices, ice cream, basketball colors, words, books, misc.
Come back often. I’ll be aiming for insights several times a week. And then there’s all that stuff dredged up from some 60 years of writing from my days on the San Francisco Chronicle and the New York Herald Tribune right up through Car and Driver, Road & Track, Motor Trend all of ‘em.
Did you know I was in Cuba at the Grand Prix when Fangio was kidnapped? I broke that story. It was a front-page byline on the Trib. I’m going to find it and run it here….

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Oh how I have longed for this day since your first hello when I was peddling the new miracle of miracles, Direct TV in Santa Fe in 1996. Readers throughout the world will now enjoy the priviledge, I have cherished, to interact and share your thoughts as if having dinner with you like I have been so lucky to have experienced so many times.  May your creative genious and story telling wonders bring joy to more folks in growing numbers, unimaginable until now, through the modern phenomenon known as the internet. Let your keyboard rock the world! Luv Ya! B

Posted by Robert Rhoades on March 24, 2011






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