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Wrong Pedal? I Wonder Why ...

Women drivers—specifically really young ones and really old ones—are more likely than other drivers to cause collisions by putting a foot wrong. Or so says a recent report from The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The study found that women—more specifically 20- and 76-year olds—were disproportionately likely to tromp on the accelerator when they aimed for the brake. Thus crashing, most often in parking lots. 

The report seemed almost apologetic, like they expected to get yelled out for politically incorrectness. But I nod in easy belief for many reasons. First the young women: my evidence is anecdotal but I give good anecdote so trust me. Girls are better students than boys. They also tend to have confidence in what they learn. They’ve been attentive in driver’s-ed and, bless their naïve little hearts, are positive they now know How to Drive.

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