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Findings: Motormouse

Motormouse, reviewed on DeniseMcCluggage.comNot many sleek sports cars fit in a soft pouch, but this one does. The easier to tote it along to serve as a wireless USB mouse for your laptop. It’s comfortable at home or office, too. Feels good to the hand and looks sharp parked on your mouse pad. The trunk opens to load batteries. Order it in red, black or silver from for $49.95. They also have Mini mice. Or mouses in Mini. Anyway check ‘em out.


Findings: The Perfect Bungee

Perfect Bungee, reviewed on DeniseMcCluggage.comI’ve always said that if you couldn’t do it with WD40, a bungee cord or a skinny dime it didn’t deserve to be done. My faith in bungee cords even extended to my attaching rather large ones to my ankles and leaping off a New Zealand bridge toward a roiling creek some 149 feet below. (Well, if you were over 60 it was free so how could I resist?)

Perfect Bungee, reviewed on DeniseMcCluggage.comMy new favorite bungee cords are aptly called The Perfect Bungee. They feature modifications, like looped ends or a gated hook or spider-like arms to suit specific tasks. Look at the photos here and think of the exact place you need them to do it for you. To order click here:



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